Minifig City

Welcome to Minifig City!

Minifig City is home to a wide variety of LEGO® occupational and custom minifigs. These make great gifts and inexpensive collectibles! They are sturdy enough for play and special enough to display. Collect them all!

Community Workers

Community Workers

Lego City

Minifigs at Work

In Minifig City, the citizens are busy at work:
The chef, waiter, banker, and store clerk,
The mechanic fixing a car or bike,
The plumber repairing a leaky pipe,
The construction crew wielding drill and hammer,
The gas station attendant and race car driver,
The pilot getting ready to board a plane,
The police officers who come to save the day,
The firefighter, paramedic, nurse and doctor,
The railroad engineer and mail carrier,
The scientist, computer tech, and photographer,
Are all important jobs that need to be done here...
In Minifig City.

“Where everyday work is a bucket of fun.”