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Automotive service technicians and mechanics repair cars and trucks. They must know vehicles well and be able to figure out the source of the problem quickly and correctly. To do their job, technicians must know a lot about how complex parts of the car or truck work together. Some mechanics specialize in fixing only a certain part such as brakes or air-conditioning systems. Most mechanics work in auto repair shops or for car dealers. Others work in gas stations, at places that sell auto parts and supplies, and for companies that rent cars. Those who run their own shops often work long hours. Many times mechanics must work with dirty and greasy parts. They often lift heavy parts and tools. It is important that they follow proper safety practices.

Automotive service technology is becoming more complex. It used to involve simple mechanical repair, but modern cars and trucks are run by electronic systems and computers. So today’s mechanics must have basic electronics skills to be able to work with electronic equipment and computer-based machines. At the same time they must be able to use the power and hand tools they have used in the past. Mechanics need to study technical manuals and keep up with the latest automotive technology. Trainees also must have mechanical skills and a basic understanding of how cars work.

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