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A banker is a financier who owns or is an executive in a bank. There are three basic types of banks: commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions. Most retail bankers work in local bank branches, dealing with both private and corporate customers, while some work in regional or head offices.

Bankers, while retaining overall accountability, often delegate supervision of day-to-day operations to staff in branch outlets. Banks employ various types of financial and customer service occupations including bank tellers, data processors, accountants, office clerks, loan officers, and investment managers. Many bank management positions are filled by promoting experienced, technically skilled professional personnel.

Investment bankers are sales agents who connect businesses that need money to finance their operations or expansion plans with investors who are interested in providing that funding in exchange for equity in the company. This type of work requires a strong background in finance and economics. Personal and strategic skills are also vital to investment bankers, for they serve as strategists for their clients, helping them develop and implement their financial plans.

Some bankers obtain law degrees and become specialists in financial and corporate law; while on the other hand, lawyers sometimes leave their firms to become bankers. Bankers who are experienced and well-established may also become entrepreneurs, leaving their firms to set up their own businesses.

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