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Butchers and meat cutters cut, trim, and package meat for retail sale. They cut and trim meat from larger, wholesale portions into steaks, chops, roasts, and other cuts. They then prepare the meat for sale by weighing it, wrapping it, and putting it out for display. In retail stores, they also may wait on customers and prepare special cuts of meat upon request.

Although most butchers and meat cutters work in grocery stores and specialty meat shops, some work in animal slaughtering and processing plants. Because they typically work on an assembly line, those in processing plants usually perform one specific function - a single cut - during their shift.

The work of a butcher or meat cutter can be physically demanding and may include exposure to repetitive motions, dangerous equipment, and cold temperatures. Butchers and meat cutters use sharp tools such as knives, grinders, or meat saws. They must follow sanitation standards when cleaning equipment, counter tops, and working areas in order to prevent contamination. Butchers learn their skills through on-the-job training. No formal education is required.

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Choking Hazard

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