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Carpenter Minifigure

Carpenters build many things like buildings and boats from wood and other materials. They construct, install, and repair structures and other fixtures. A carpenter who works for a special construction contractor may do only one or two things, like forming molds for concrete or building a frame. A carpenter who works for a general building contractor often performs many tasks including putting in doors and windows, hanging kitchen cabinets, and installing ceilings. Some carpenters repair broken furniture. In a factory, carpenters may help move or install machinery.

Carpenters use different hand and power tools, such as chisels, saws, and drills. They use tape measures and framing squares to increase the accuracy of their work. Finally, the carpenter joins the items together with nails, staples, or glue. Carpenters have to be careful when working with sharp or rough tools. Carpenters need to be adept at working with their hands and have good eye-hand coordination. They should also be strong, physically fit, and have a good sense of balance. Carpenters learn many things including basic design and drawing. They need to be able to solve basic math problems quickly, too.

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