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Almost every product sold in the United States spends at least some time in a truck. Truck drivers and delivery people operate these vehicles. Drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering freight from one place to another. This may be from a manufacturer to a distribution center, from a distribution center to a customer, or between distribution centers. In addition, drivers may be responsible for loading and unloading their cargo, keeping logs of their activities, and making sure that their equipment is in good working condition.

Light or delivery services truck drivers, often called pick-up and delivery drivers, deliver goods within an urban area or small region. Drivers who work for package delivery services may have a single load and make many stops over the course of the day, while other drivers might have several loads in the course of a day. When making deliveries, they may accept payments for cash-on-delivery shipments, or handle paperwork such as delivery confirmations and receipts. Some drivers, called driver/sales workers, also have sales responsibilities. For example, many driver/sales workers deliver and recommend goods to be sold in grocery stores.

Specialized truck drivers work with unusual loads. While most trucks carry freight loads in semi-trailers or vans, some carry liquids, oversized loads, or cars. Others carry hazardous materials, such as dangerous chemicals needed for industrial purposes, or waste from chemical processes that must be stored in approved facilities. Drivers who work with these types of loads must follow strict procedures to make sure their loads are delivered safely.

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers operate large-capacity trucks, carrying goods across several states, or even to Canada and Mexico. In most cases, operators are given a delivery location and deadline, and they must determine how to get the shipment to its destination on time. Companies sometimes use two drivers on long runs to minimize downtime. On these “sleeper” runs, one driver sleeps in a berth behind the cab while the other operates the truck.

Driving a truck is a physically demanding job. Local delivery truck drivers do a considerable amount of lifting, carrying, and walking. Driving for many hours at a stretch, loading and unloading cargo, and making many deliveries can be tiring. Long-haul drivers may be away from home for days or weeks at a time, and they often spend a great deal of time alone facing boredom, loneliness, and fatigue as they may travel nights, holidays, and weekends.

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