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Photographers take pictures of people, places, or things in order to sell products, entertain people, report the news, or bring back memories. Some photographers work in their own studio. Newspapers, television studios, and magazines commonly employ photographers. They may also work in camera stores or photo studios.

Photographers know how to choose the right equipment to give them the best picture. They use a combination of lights, lenses, and other effects to create a picture. They may use computers to finish their work. Photographers often need to get their work done quickly. They have to meet deadlines and please their clients.

Many photographers specialize in pictures of certain things. Some photographers take pictures only at schools or weddings. Others take pictures of only cars, clothes, buildings, or animals. Some photographers take pictures for books. Travel photographers may travel far away and they might even work in harsh or dangerous areas.

Photography is not only a highly creative field; it is also a highly competitive field. There are more people who want to be photographers than there is employment to support them. Only the most skilled photographers, those with the best business ability and those who have the best reputations, are able to find jobs or attract enough work to support themselves.

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