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Pilots fly airplanes and helicopters to do many jobs. Most pilots fly people and cargo from place to place. Some pilots test new planes, fight fires, do police work, or rescue people. Flying does not usually involve physical work. However, pilots are often asked to work odd hours. When they are flying, pilots often stay away from home overnight. The work of pilots who test new planes or serve in the military may be dangerous. Pilots who work on farms or who help police and firefighters also might get hurt on their jobs.

Pilots can feel a lot of stress because they know that they are responsible for the safety of their passengers. Before they take off, pilots plan their flight carefully. They check the plane to make sure it is working properly. They check the weather forecast to see if they will run into any bad weather on the trip. Then they decide what route to take, and how high and fast they should fly. Pilots must monitor the plane’s gauges at all times during the flight to be sure that all is going well. If something goes wrong, the pilot must be careful and quick to react.

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