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Police officers enforce laws, collect evidence, and catch criminals. They sometimes testify in court. Some patrol certain areas to prevent crime and give out traffic tickets. Others direct traffic.

Most police officers wear uniforms. However, detectives and special agents often work in regular clothes. Many detectives are part of regular police forces, but they usually have separate duties from police officers.

Police officers usually work on foot or ride in cars, but a few ride horses, bikes, or motorcycles. Some work in boats on rivers and in harbors. Some police officers work in a "K-9" unit alongside specially trained police dogs.

Police officers may be employed by local, special, State or Federal agencies. They often have military experience, college training in police science, or both. Police officers must be healthy, strong, and of good character.

Police work is challenging and offers people an opportunity to serve their communities. They take big risks when chasing criminals in cars or when they make an arrest. Good training, teamwork, and good equipment help keep police officers safe.

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