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Sanitation Worker Minifigure

Sanitation workers, also known as garbage collectors, are employed by municipalities or private companies to collect refuse on designated routes and dump refuse from curbside containers into a sanitation collection vehicle. This vehicle frequently also serves as a trash compactor. Garbage truck drivers are technically classified as truck drivers.

A sanitation specialist collects all trash from the area to which he is assigned. This includes general waste, recyclables, and oversized items such as furniture. He also delivers and exchanges refuse and recycling containers. Once the garbage is collected, it is taken to a municipal depository. Sanitation professionals sort the refuse collected for the purpose of salvaging recyclable materials.

Industrial sanitation workers may also work as part of sanitizing or cleaning crew at a large manufacturing plant or processing facility. The employer generally provides specialized safety training to these workers, because they are often exposed to toxic chemicals and dangerous equipment. In hospitals, sanitation workers may also disinfect and sanitize equipment and supplies with germicides.

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