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Many people like animals, but taking care of them is hard work. Zookeepers take care of wild animals in zoos and animal parks. They feed the animals, clean their living spaces, and keep them healthy. Sometimes zookeepers train the animals to make caring for them easier. Teaching people about animals is another zookeeper task. Zookeepers answer visitor’s questions and give presentations. Zookeepers also like to study animal behavior and help endangered animals. Zoo work can also be dangerous. Wild animals can bite, kick, scratch, or spread disease.

Zookeepers need experience caring for animals. Before working at a zoo, many keepers work in veterinary offices, animal shelters, or farms. In those jobs, they clean animal cages and feed, watch, and care for animals. Experience in a zoo is also good. Many keepers start as zoo volunteers. They often study biology, zoology, animal science, or some other science in college. Jobs for zookeepers are harder to find than other kinds of animal jobs because many people want zoo jobs but there are relatively few zoos.

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